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Our company is the official distributor of the following companies in Ukraine:

The company manufactures more than 20 000 products and therefore is the leader in the field of anchor techniques in concrete, façade anchoring and construction systems.
The company offers to its customers nigh quality products for precast concrete construction, industrial and residential construction and as well construction of engineering and transport facilities and infrastructure.
Ratec GmbH is a universal magnetic side rigging for manufacturing of precast concrete. Multipronged flexible molding equipment and its utilities allow solving tasks of products molding, fixing of embedded items, openings and doorways. The company meets highest clients’ requirements by optimizing manufacturing processes in casting yards. RATEC technologies are modern achievements for manufacturing optimization
Olmet is a dynamic developing company that has gained the leader position in the branch of equipment for precast and in-situ concrete production. The company keeps searching new innovative solutions which help to improve concrete shaping, concrete products quality and allows expanding of equipment nomenclature

RECKLI is a world leader in designing and manufacturing of polyurethane formliners for textured concrete and of cold cure model rubbers and resins. This technology allows creating almost any surface structure of a concrete slab. The company offers many ready to use structures and is able to develop any further structure up to client’s requirements. The mould and pattern making techniques are widely used for saving and restoration of monuments and buildings decorations.

The company Agrob Buchtal
Agrob Buchtal is a trade mark of the European leader in the world of industrial and interior of ceramic flag. Due to innovative decisions in technolohgies and design of ceramika Agrob Buchtal became the choice of leader world architects. In the production program ceramics are presented for faceds, pools of industrial and public buildings, and also home interiors. The great choice of colors and formats in the standart program is complemented a manufacturability individual orders. Now-how of company is coverage of Hydrotect - does a flag an antibacterial and easy in a care. Wondeful decision for any build task. 

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