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Алмазное бурение в бетоне
  Diamond drilling in concrete 

Diamond drilling is drilling of round holes by tubular diamond drill bits in the walls and floor slabs.

Owing to diamond drilling holes become perfectly aligned, they can be of different diameters on request. Diamond drill bits can make round holes in solid concrete walls and floors and in walls of various thicknesses.

The technology of diamond drilling is designed to carry out works both in non-residential premises and residential apartments with complete finishing due to absence of vibration (that adversely affects the structure of the material -concrete) and dust during the works, as well due to a large choice of drill bits diameters (32 to 400 mm).This technology of diamond drilling is radically different from its direct competitors - hammer drilling and slotting by a pneumatic chipper.

We give a short list of tasks that are available for diamond drilling:

  • vents for the systems of natural ventilation;
  • holes in the foundation for engineering
    systems connection to the municipal utilities
  • holes in the floor slabs for lifting and heating pipes;
  • holes in external walls for mounting of outside part of air conditioning plant;
  • holes for mounting of split systems

The main advantages of diamond drilling in comparison with other technologies are:

  • external wall is not damaged while drilling from inside towards outside
  • cut part remains inside the drill bit
  • absence of vibration during working
  • the holes are of exact diameter and do not require further treatment

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