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Монтаж навесных вентилируемых фасадов
  Mounting of rear ventilated facades 

Mounted façade systems with heat insulation and an air gap or rear ventilated facades have been known here recently, but they have drawn attention immediately. And now they are successfully applied in construction of various projects in all developed countries.

Mounted façades enable to design a project in any style beginning will classical one to hi-tech.

The peculiarity of rear ventilated façade lies in the structure. Essentially this is a multilayer facing system that is mounted onto the outside wall of a building by uprights and crossbars in such a way that there is an air gap between the facing and the wall of the building for aeration. Usually a heat-insulated layer is mounted into the gap. Hence is the name “mounted façade”, since it is actually mounted onto the bearing wall.

Mounted ventilated façades provide with excellent heat and sound insulation, surely prevent the walls of a suburban house from impacts of the environment and enable to make a wonderful design due to a great choice of facing materials. Façades can be mounted in any season and at any weather, they don’t take costs when serviced and overhauled, they are resistant to weather impacts, don’t require preliminary smoothing of walls, their service is long and reliable.

The first three layers of all mounted façades are practically invariable. They can differ only with materials applied. And materials for mounted panels are versatile:

• Granite

Granite is one of the most durable natural stones with excellent surface and the widest range of colours and textures. Mounted ventilated facades with granite facing are very durable and have a rich look. This is due to outstanding features of granite.

• Aluminium composite panels (ACP)

ACP is a kind of flat panels that consist of non-Aluminium core bonded between two Aluminium sheets. Aluminium sheets can be coated with PVDF or Polyester paint. The material is very rigid and strong despite its light weight, can be painted in any colour including imitation of other building materials.

• Ceramics tiles

Ceramics is peculiar due its high mechanic and chemical durability, it is easily cleaned, is not sensitive to sun light. Its properties include low porosity, low water absorption and good frost resistance.

• Clinker

Clinker is a natural double-layer composition of polyurethane that functions as a heat-insulated material, and high-quality grade clinker made of clay.

• Minerit

Minerit is a fiber-concrete plate of various surface finishes and colors.

The first objects in Ukraine, in which mounted rear ventilated facades were applied:
  • Granite facade – Administration Building of the Supreme Court.
  • Ceramics tiles facade - Sport and Recreation Center under National Bank of Ukraine
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