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  Implementation of glazing works 
In the modern world, there are a lot of trends of facade glazing. Nowadays, facades of buildings can be made as true masterpieces, since options of façade glazing are unlimited. It is possible to achieve uniqueness by combining section materials, glasses of various colors, application of decorative elements. Façade glazing makes a building spectacular and original, enables to implement the boldest designer ideas. Facade glazing is applied in residential buildings, facilities, and in industrial and shopping centers.

When facades are being glazed, as a rule they use safety tempered glass and aluminium systems that are applied for manufacture of vertical and inclined stained-glass windows for single-floor houses and high-rise buildings. Success of aluminium is explained by its strength, durability and lightness. Qualitative characteristics of aluminium surpass such materials as plastic and wood by a number of parameters. Facades are glazed by means of transparent, tinted glass, triplex, polycarbonate. These materials are service-strong; they let through necessary light quantity and are persistent to negative weather impact.

As a rule, buildings with a glazed façade prevail in city construction. Therefore architects and historians note that an approach to build up a glazed building in a historical part of a city should be elaborated.

Manufacturers of façade systems recommend paying special attention to elaboration of assembly joints of the façade with bearing structures and enclosures. Inaccuracy of an engineering design and errors of mounting of these joints may destroy service properties of a façade system as a whole. Application of standard joints is not always proper in designing. Projectors should solve these issues in conference with the superintendent engineer only.
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