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  Subconstruction for rear ventilated facades 

BWM aluminium subconstruction systems are high quality systems for the economic and secure
mounting of facade claddings on buildings. Our partner the company “BWM” is one of the pioneers in the market of rear ventilated facades; founded in 1978 the company keeps continuing innovative solutions which are based on own experiences of many years. 

The system fits for facades of natural stones, ceramics tiles, gres tiles, composite aluminium panels, fiber cement panels and many other alternative choices of cladding materials.

Innovative developments are manufactured by BWM in first class quality. The manufacturing of sections by the extrusion process and special aluminium or special stainless steel alloys for other system elements ensure corrosion protection, a long life and high tensile strength. That permits a greater distance between supports and gives them greater supporting strength.

 Innovative standard systems and specific project related solutions 

 Ventilated rain screen facades - how they work in terms of building physics
The weather-protection and thermal insulation functions of ventilated rain screen facades are structurally separate from each other. This type of construction is regarded as reliable and long-lasting. Additional protection functions characterize this facade system.
Ventilated rain screen facades can be used for all building heights and applications as well as for all the required thicknesses of insulating materials. Their components are the subconstruction, the insulation, the ventilation space and the cladding.

  • Due to the structural separation of facade cladding and thermal insulation, ventilated rain screen facades provide lasting protection against condensation water and rain.
  • In terms of building physics, the ventilated rain screen facades are a tried-and-tested type of construction for ensuring a pleasing indoor climate.
  • Ventilated rain screen facades result in a considerable reduction in energy costs for heating and air-conditioning.
  • Ventilated rain screen facade constructions are extremely robust.
  • Ventilated rain screen facades have a long useful life, require no maintenance and, in economic terms, are an extremely advantageous solution for increasing the value of a building.
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