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Поставка и монтаж природного камня
  Deliveries and mounting of natural stones 

Wares of natural stone such as facades, staircases, columns, curbs, cornices, plates will service during many tens of years and will keep an original look whatever caprices of nature may be.

Our company is specialized in exclusive works of

• Granite

Granite is not only a beautiful, but also strong stone. It possesses more compression strength, it gets abraded more evenly, it is more persistent to weathering and gets less cracked under intense heating. Granite is well workable. It is widely used as a building and finishing material for construction of bridges, embankments and basements of large buildings, monolith columns.

• Marble

Marble is a rock that consists of fine crystal grains of calcite mineral (more rarely of dolomite) that are generated following recrystallization of calcareous rock that has got deposited on the bottom of the sea. This beautiful, often richly colored, solid, workable material has been valued by all peoples since old times. Significance of marble in architecture and construction was great in the past, and it will be considerable in building of cities in future. Due to its great ornamentality, wide color range and workability, marble is widely applied in construction and beautification of interiors.

• Onyx

Onyx is agate with plane-parallel layers of various colors, typically these are white and black or dark-grey colors.

• Travertine

Travertine - a group of porous limestone formed by deposition of calcium carbonate from hot or cold springs. Travertine is easily processed, and due to the low density of stone designs made of travertine have less weight. Travertine is used for cladding floors, walls and sometimes ceilings. Bedding travertine creates on the surface of the treated stone figures, emphasizing its texture and colour. When using stone in different colour combinations with various treatments of surfaces, our company aims at making each house, office and garden beautiful and unique and thus at creating a constant image of the owner’s unsurpassed style. Nothing may claim for such gracefulness and strictness in addition to practicability as finishing of natural stone does.

We offer a wide range of unusual, high-quality stones from China and Europe.

We manufacture and mount wares of natural stone according to custom sketches and projects, alongside with the following:
  • beautification of interiors in accordance with projects of any complexity;
  • outer lining of buildings with natural stone;
  • finishing of façades, outside and inside staircases;
  • hydrocutting;
  • windowsills;
  • table tops of whole plates;
  • friezes and complex mosaic floors;
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