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Many people would be surprised if they would be told that concrete could be an exclusive flooring solution. However concrete is becoming more and more popular among costumers that want to possess durable and hardwearing floor with low maintenance costs. In the USA and Europe polished concrete floor has proved its popularity; it is also called "Super Flooring". Beautiful, save and durable, easy to clean - is not a full range of advantages that polished concrete flooring offers. Smooth,even, glossy flooring is an ideal solution for retail stores, exhibition pavilions, car show rooms, parking,warehooses as well as educational establishments, adminisrative buildings, dwelling houses ect. Polished concrete means flooring that will keep its glossy for long period of time and almost will not require any meintenance withhin next 20 years. Polished concrete is not only decorative finishing, actually it is a thought out system that ensuring extreme durability and an easy care. Comparing to traditional flooring materials the polished concrete system is at least 3 times cheaper than other kinds of materials. Thanks to this new technology there is no more need to hide concrete under ceramic tiles, self-leveling, linoleum, laminate etc. Concrete itselfs can be a woundeful and esthetical decorative finishing. Natural beauty of decorative polished concrete flooring is reinfirced dry mixes or self-leveling floors. Using a wide range of different chemical srengtheners, pigments and additions it is possible to get flooring of different colours and nuances. What is of high importance - polished concrete floors are not only durable but also very economical. Easy application and multiplied by other advantages give the user a brilliantsolution for flooring! You will never face a problem of "black strips" resulting from shoes or rubber tires. Should it anyway be the case, you will be able to delete them easily using diamond pad floor washers. 
One more advantage - the flooring technology is joints free, so your floor will always be free of joints - places where dirt and germs gathers. Due to alkaline features of concrete the surface itself is anti fungicide. Thus the maintenance is as easy as it can be and the costs are minimized.
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